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Whether you are a product marketing manager with a new service idea or an engineering lead with a vague product definition, we can help.


The expertise you need

ValidConcept principals are experts in the field of mobile/embedded applications design and development, unlike many Web site developers who just added the word “mobile” to their list of services.

Depending on when and how you need us, we can refine the target market, identify first-release features, design and prototype a preliminary user interface, and/or validate the expected user experience.

We also draw, as needed, from a network of specialists and collaborators we trust to complete your project promptly and professionally.

When you need it

We understand that you only received approval yesterday but you need it tomorrow. Even though careful, iterative design and usability testing will vastly improve the user experience, some is still better than none.

Based on your schedule, we will trade off speed against depth as needed. We can also work with you to select a package of services before your next project starts.

The way you need it

High-flying design consultancies may take over your project, not merely work on it. But your ValidConcept team, experienced with many development approaches, will adapt to your processes and minimize project disruption.

When you first meet with one of our consultants, just communicate the key issues and constraints; we’ll translate that into a delivery plan — with results tailored to the decisions you need to make.