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T9 prototype device Our company helped the fledgling Tegic Communications take its concept to reality – the T9® Text Input system for wireless phones and hand-held computers.

Mr. Longé designed and developed early T9 prototypes, ported a demonstration version to the PalmPilot, and led the team of contractors that developed the first commercial product. His contributions also laid the foundation for Tegic’s next generation of predictive text systems, the XT9® Smart Input system.

After being invited to join Tegic and help it grow within AOL's Mobile division, our company principals prototyped, designed, and helped develop the first versions of Mobile Instant Messaging for WAP and SMS/MMS and the first embedded IM clients for T-Mobile phones. They initiated and managed the UI and Usability team responsible for evolving the design of T9 and IM applications, adapted them to new devices, and advocated usability engineering as integral to the development lifecycle.

We continue to deliver user-centered design and validation services to the latest stewards of T9/XT9 innovations, Nuance Communications.

Recently, entrepreneurs have come seeking advice on launching their new mobile service ideas and text input inventions. We supplied target device market share estimates, mobile Web prototypes, patentability assessments, and a preliminary system architecture to obtain more accurate development estimates.

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